Is that a bird? a plane? or… a DRAGON?

This season, Ramona MS Band presents our Fantasy Concert. We’ve got trolls! We’ve got pirates; ancient Egyptian magic, and that’s right, Dragons! We even have a battle with the deadly Hydra! 

It’s practically a theme park waiting to happen. 

I am extremely proud to present all of the hard work and dedication that students have put into this music this season. Each band was given an extra level of challenge. Higher ranges, faster passages, and a demand for more ambitious musicianship. 

I’d also like to introduce for the first time in concert, this year’s Prep Band! Learning an instrument from scratch isn’t easy, but doing it from home? well I must say I am impressed.

Plus, don’t miss our bonus content. Students in our Wind Ensemble learned four separate parts of the same song, and created their own Self- Ensembles in the form of the Wii Channel Theme Song. These are my top picks from an project that so many students succeeded in. And the catch? I didn’t arrange them. THEY did! All by themselves! 

I hope you enjoy!

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Links to our other top performers for the Wii Channel Theme: